A Call for Nominations for the Scarborough Walk of Fame​

SCRO is now planning the next Scarborough Walk of Fame Celebration Day, on April 10, 2024.

SWOF showcases and celebrates the best of Scarborough. We have so many talented, accomplished and, well, famous people … right here in Scarborough, who make a difference here at home and, in some cases, become ambassadors for Scarborough around the world.

Scarborough Town Centre will be where it all happens.

Want to nominate someone to be a “Star” on the Scarborough Walk of Fame?

Nominations are now open!

Visit the SWOF Nominations page at: https://scarboroughwalkoffame.com/nominations/ to find the eligibility criteria and to make your submission.

The nominations deadline is October 15.
Any questions about the nominations process? Please contact us at: https://scarboroughwalkoffame.com/contact-swof/

Good things are happening here in Scarborough!

While Scarborough-focused advocacy is front-and-centre at SCRO, to bring political attention to Scarborough priorities, the Scarborough Walk of Fame is one way in which we get to celebrate all that is good about the place we have chosen to call home.

Speaking of good things happening in Scarborough, how about the Scarborough Shooting Stars! They’re
putting Scarborough on the map across Canada and making us all proud.

Larry Whatmore
Scarborough Community Renewal Organization
(416) 562-2101

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Picture of Lary Whatmore

Lary Whatmore

Larry Whatmore is president of the Scarborough Community Renewal Association