Act now to preserve Scarborough’s voice in Parliament!

Please submit your comments by October 29.

Please sign our online petition (details below).

Dear fellow Scarborough residents.

Three weeks ago, I asked you to join us in standing up for electoral fairness in Scarborough, in response to the proposal of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario to cut Scarborough from six seats to five and Toronto from 25 seats to 24.  Every riding in Scarborough is affected by those proposed changes.  And Scarborough as a whole loses big time.  Not only will we have fewer representatives, most of Scarborough north of Eglinton and west of Warden will be moved into North York!  And as we all know, the federal boundaries are used by the Province to establish provincial and municipal boundaries.  So Scarborough loses three times!

Thank you to all who have answered the call … by sending written submissions to the Commission and by registering to speak to the Commission, especially on October 18 during the in-person hearing at the Scarborough Civic Centre.

The Commission received more than 200 registrations for the October 18 hearing!  Therefore, the Commission is moving some registrants to a virtual session on a different day, due to capacity limitations at the Civic Centre, which is disappointing.  The Commission clearly didn’t realize that these proposals would touch a Scarborough nerve!

The written submission deadline has been extended to October 29.

If you haven’t submitted your comments yet, please do so.  Please email your comments to the Commission Secretary at

Care to attend a virtual session as an observer?  Further details are at: 

Having trouble thinking about what to say?  Perhaps the points made by SCRO in our written submission will help you.

Our asks:

  1. Scarborough should retain six ridings.
  2. Scarborough’s western border should remain along Victoria Park, from the lake to Steeles, as it has been since the inception of Scarborough.


  1. Scarborough is a community of interest with integrated public services and distinctive neighbourhoods, which shouldn’t be broken up.
  • Scarborough’s population is consistently undercounted due to residents who are less likely to complete a census form, especially during a pandemic:  newcomers with English language limitations, those living in precarious housing, refugee claimants, international students, and temporary foreign workers.  Researchers estimate this undercounting to be in the order of 50,000 residents.
  • Equity for our diverse communities.
  • More housing in the development pipeline, which will increase Scarborough’s population even more.
  • Local business have historical connections to our community.
  • The Commission’s recommendations will reduce Scarborough’s representation at all three levels of government.
  • Fairness.  Scarborough’s (and Toronto’s) population grows, but we lose a seat to areas that are growing even faster, while other parts of Ontario and Canada that aren’t growing have their representation protected.  Why?

Would you like to see our full submission?  You may download it here

SCRO is launching an online petition at

Take a look.

If you agree, please sign it!  And please forward it to your friends, family, and fellow Scarborough community members.

We must submit this petition to the Commission before October 29.  So please don’t delay.

There is much to do in a short period of time.  Please act now to preserve and protect Scarborough.

In other news …

The Scarborough Walk of Fame is back

SCRO is proud to be the new host of the Scarborough Walk of Fame.  On September 15, our first post-COVID celebration day took place at Scarborough Town Centre – and was livestreamed for all to see.

Missed it?  See the full livestream on our Facebook page:

An historic investment in Scarborough Health Network

and University of Toronto Scarborough

This past week, the Scarborough Health Network and University of Toronto Scarborough received landmark gifts to improve health care facilities in Scarborough and to bring a medical school to U of T Scarborough.

Take a look:

Good things are happening in Scarborough.  Let’s all be proud of the place we call home.

Larry Whatmore


Scarborough Community Renewal Organization

(416) 562-2101

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Picture of Lary Whatmore

Lary Whatmore

Larry Whatmore is president of the Scarborough Community Renewal Association