Extending Higher Order Public Transit in Scarborough!

SCRO is thrilled to endorse the decision of Toronto City Council to redeploy

$1.238 billion originally intended for the Scarborough subway (which is no longer

needed for this purpose thanks to provincial funding), to support the extension of

the Eglinton East LRT from Kennedy Station to University of Toronto Scarborough and then to Malvern.  This initiative was SCRO’s primary ask in our deputation to the City Budget Committee on January 25.

The City’s financial commitment is significant but it’s not enough to fully fund this $4.2 billion project.  Federal support will be required.  This was our one and only ask to our six Scarborough Members of Parliament during their budget consultation on January 19 and in our submission to Minister Freeland on February 19.

Fortunately, the Prime Minister recently indicated the federal government’s intention to establish a $14.9 billion fund to invest in public transit infrastructure over the next several years.

SCRO will be doing all we can from an advocacy perspective to bring the two levels of government together to make this project a reality.  Scarborough needs and deserves better public transit!

As Scarborough leaders, let’s do all we can to make sure this opportunity doesn’t slip through our fingers.

Our Scarborough – connecting you to Scarborough leaders, organizations, and public institutions

SCRO’s Our Scarborough speaker series continues, showcasing Scarborough’s community leaders, discussing topics affecting life in Scarborough.

Please join us if you can to hear from these fine Scarborough leaders.  Register at https://scro.ca/our-scarborough

March 18  Suman Roy, Chair of Scarborough Food Security Initiative

Food insecurity and the future of food banks

April 1  Omar McDadi, Superintendent of Rouge National Urban Park.

How Rouge National Urban Park is contributing to community renewal in Scarborough

April 15  John Mason, President, Friends of Guild Park

April 29  Karen Stintz, CEO of Variety Village

Scarborough Walk of Fame is now part of SCRO!

SCRO is pleased to announce that SCRO is now leading and operating the Scarborough Walk of Fame!

The board of the Scarborough Walk of Fame (SWOF) has been working collaboratively with SCRO over the past several months to ensure a seamless and orderly transition, which was officially announced on March 1.

SCRO is grateful for the advice and support of the SWOF board during this process.

SCRO is honoured to be able to present this signature Scarborough event going forward, which has been held eight times since it was first held in 2006.

Learn more at:  https://www.scarboroughwalkoffame.com/

The Scarborough Town Centre remains a strong supporter of the Walk of Fame and will continue to host the “stars” in the Scarborough Walk of Fame Court.

Good things are happening in Scarborough!

Let’s keep working together to connect, promote, and renew Scarborough, so Scarborough can be strong and prosperous.

Together, we can build a better Scarborough.

Larry Whatmore



(416) 562-2101

P.S.  Remember, you can become a member of SCRO at no charge this year!  Please visit www.scro.ca.  Your voice … and those of other Scarborough leaders … means a stronger Scarborough!

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Picture of Lary Whatmore

Lary Whatmore

Larry Whatmore is president of the Scarborough Community Renewal Association