Happy spring, Scarborough community members!

Our days are getting brighter, both literally and figuratively.  Vaccines are here and

will soon be arriving in larger numbers.  More and more of our residents are booking

appointments or visiting pop-up clinics; doing whatever it takes to “get the jab”.  

While patience has been a virtue along this journey, let’s continue to be vigilant and

get vaccinated as soon as we are able to, for our own health and to help protect each other.

SCRO continues to salute all our front line workers, including those at Scarborough Health Network and Toronto Public Health who are doing wonderful work in challenging circumstances to get us all vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Be sure to visit Scarborough Health Network’s home page regularly (https://www.shn.ca/) for the latest news on pop-up clinic locations in Scarborough.

Congratulations to Scarborough’s Randell Adjei, Ontario’s First Poet Laureate!

SCRO congratulates our own Randell Adjei, founder of RISE Edutainment (https://www.riseedutainment.com/) on being selected this week as Ontario’s first poet laureate!

Randell speaks proudly about growing up in Scarborough while being interviewed this week at the Scarborough Civic Centre:  https://globalnews.ca/news/7821411/randell-adjei-ontario-poet-laureate/

Randell is the latest high-profile example of how the arts community is flourishing in Scarborough, even if it sometimes does so quietly.

The federal budget – our continued advocacy for the Eglinton East LRT

Our thanks to the Scarborough Business Association (https://scarboroughbusinessassociation.com/) for hosting an excellent budget breakfast on April 24, featuring Scarborough’s six Members of Parliament.  And thank you to the many Scarborough community members who attended to ask how the budget can benefit Scarborough.

As you know, SCRO has made the Eglinton East LRT an advocacy priority this year.  The Eglinton East LRT is well aligned with the Prime Minister’s announcement in February of a $14.9 billion fund to support public transit infrastructure over the next several years.

The budget made many references to funding for higher order public transit over the coming years but did not provide funding for specific projects.

We will continue to work closely with our elected representatives at all levels of government to emphasize the importance and the urgency of this transformative public infrastructure project.

Garden Suites in backyards – virtual community consultations on May 11, 12 and 13

The City of Toronto is undertaking projects about “Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods” and has initiated a process to develop policies and zoning rules to permit “Garden Suites” to be built in the backyards of homes.

A “Garden Suite” is a second, generally smaller, house built in the backyard of a detached, semi-detached, or townhouse property.   The City anticipates that these new homes will provide affordable rentals and homes for grown children and aging parents.

You can learn more about this project and register for the community consultations at the following link:


“Our Scarborough” Speaker Series – have you registered?

“Our Scarborough” features Scarborough leaders and people doing important work in Scarborough.  It’s a great learning opportunity for us all.

Recent speakers include Karen Stintz, CEO of Variety Village, John Mason, President of Friends of Guild Park, and Omar McDadi, superintendent of Rouge National Urban Park.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

May 13   Gillian Mason regarding the opportunities provided through our anchor institutions to help alleviate local poverty through local economic development.

May 27   Derek Spooner, Executive Director of Scarborough Arts

June 10   Mitchell Cohen, CEO of The Daniels Corporation regarding their plans for the Golden Mile.  This event also includes Barb Dickson, author of Bomb Girls:  Trading Aprons for Ammo , a book about life at the Scarborough munitions factory during World War II.

June 24   Lee Soda, Agincourt Community Services Association

Many more speakers are already booked for this summer and fall!

“Our Scarborough” is where you can mix and mingle with other Scarborough leaders (virtually, of course) and learn about important and interesting matters affecting life in Scarborough.

Please register at https://scro.ca/our-scarborough

Mother’s Day is coming – let’s support our local businesses!

Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity to support local businesses right here in Scarborough!

You could:

  • order a meal from a local restaurant
  • buy a plant from a local store or nursery
  • hire a local lawn care service to look after mom’s lawn & garden
  • hire a local housekeeping service when it is safe to do so

Let’s thank mom … and support our local businesses … at the same time!

Become a member of SCRO!

You can become a member of SCRO at no charge this year!  Please visit https://scro.ca/membership.

Please add your voice to those of other Scarborough leaders.  Let’s all work together to create a stronger and more cohesive Scarborough!

Larry Whatmore


Scarborough Community Renewal Organization


(416) 562-2101

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Picture of Lary Whatmore

Lary Whatmore

Larry Whatmore is president of the Scarborough Community Renewal Association