Stars align in sensational Scarborough


Greetings, fellow Scarborough residents. What an incredible couple of weeks we’ve had in Scarborough.

SCRO congratulates the Scarborough Business Association for hosting the largest ever mayor’s lunch at
University of Toronto Scarborough on April 3.

And then, on April 10:

Scarborough stands tall and proud at the Scarborough Walk of Fame!
What an awesome day! SCRO was honoured to host this signature Scarborough
event, where we get to “celebrate community, recognize achievement, and
inspire tomorrow’s leaders”.

Since 2006, the Scarborough Walk of Fame has honoured over 60 exceptional
individuals who hail from Scarborough. Some do amazing things here at home.
Others become ambassadors for Scarborough beyond our borders. They all
wear their Scarborough heritage proudly. And we are so proud of them.
Over 400 of us got to see this, live and in-person at Scarborough Walk of Fame
Court at Scarborough Town Centre.

Didn’t get a chance to join us? Not to worry. It’s all on YouTube. Go to the Scarborough Walk of Fame
website and scroll down to the live stream.

I could provide “colour commentary” but there’s really no need. Our inductees say it better than I ever could.

Have a listen:
2:51:39 Swabir Shariff (Rising Star)
2:55:30 Atqiya Fariha (Rising Star)
3:05:20 Mark Stoddart (Arts & Culture)
3:15:40 Sam Ibrahim (Business)
3:27:10 Marg Middleton (Community)
3:38:10 Camesha Cox (Education)
3:47:26 Shamier Anderson & Stephan James (Entertainment)
4:07:17 The Hon. Pauline Browes (Environment)
4:25:26 Dr. Vivian Rambihar (Health & Science)
4:41:25 Rowan Barrett (Sports)

And have a listen to SWOF “star” Dwayne Morgan displaying his Scarborough pride at 2:26:17.

I really need to thank a few people:

The Scarborough Walk of Fame organizing committee. The amount of effort put in by these volunteers was extraordinary. I am so grateful to you all:

  • Glenn De Baeremaeker (committee chair … and a 2022 Scarborough Walk of Fame inductee!)
  • Bob Dallas (event committee and Celebration Day logistics)
  • Shernelle Charles (nominations committee)
  • Ravicha Ravinthiran (Rising Star nominations committee)
  • John Ramdeen (partnerships and finance)
  • Peter Haggert (communications and media)
  • Gerard Baribeau (promotion, nominations, star installation)
  • Rachael Tang (Scarborough Town Centre liaison, media, and Celebration Day logistics)
    Our partners. A classy event of this scale simply doesn’t happen without the support of our partners.

  • Celestial Partner
  • Park Property Management Inc.
    Rising Star Partners
  • Choice Properties
  • The Daniels Corporation
    Northern Lights Partners
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Pizza Nova
  • Matrix Cares
    Galaxy Partners
  • Centennial College
  • Northpine Foundation
  • Roadsport Honda & Roadsport Chrysler
  • Scarborough Town Centre
    Lunar Partners
  • Scarborough Health Network
  • University of Toronto Scarborough

City of Toronto
Our host: Scarborough Town Centre

The Scarborough Walk of Fame and the Scarborough Community Renewal Organization are grateful for your support.

SCRO online town halls continue

Please join us on May 7 at 7 pm for our next online town hall.
Come and share your passions and priorities for Scarborough. Click on the Register Here button on the SCRO home page.

Why is this important? Your input will help to steer SCRO’s advocacy to all levels of government, to advance Scarborough-wide priorities. You may also discover how you can become more involved
with SCRO through these discussions.

Questions? Please contact us at

Let’s keep working together for a better Scarborough, the place
we are proud to call home.

Larry Whatmore
Scarborough Community Renewal Organization

(416) 562-2101

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Picture of Lary Whatmore

Lary Whatmore

Larry Whatmore is president of the Scarborough Community Renewal Association