The Scarborough Community Renewal Organization launched a speaker series called “Our Scarborough” on January 21, 2021.  These sessions take place on the third Thursday of each month between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Each series features 15 minutes of networking, followed by 15 minutes of “highlights” (an item SCRO wants to share/feature with the community), with the main speaker beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Join us for topics which feature a focus on Scarborough. To suggest future speakers and topics, please contact Marg Middleton by  email:

You can register for upcoming sessions by clicking the “Register Now” button below the session of your choice. All sessions will be virtual and you will receive the virtual meeting information once you’ve registered.

Samantha Corway and Claire Pertfula

Samantha will present an overview of Sustainability Initiatives occurring at Centennial College with three campuses in Scarborough. Claire speaks on Malvern Family Resource Centre’s urban farm (est. 2021) r,unning an eco-education series on topics relating to climate change and food in summer/fall 2022. July 2022

Alica Vandermeer and Owen Jones

Alicia, SHN Foundation CEO, speaks on Love Scarborough, the Foundation’s new bold marketing campaign that sheds light on the health care situation in Scarborough. | 60 Years of Scuba Diving – The Scarborough Underwater Club”. Owen will discuss the past, present and future of one of Scarborough’s best kept secrets. March 2022.

Greg Frankson, Dwayne Morgan, Andrea Thompson and Leighanne Woodstock

For Black History Month 2022, a new published collection of Black voices from coast to coast arrives
at a critical moment in the  sociocultural evolution of Canada. Join us at Our Scarborough to discuss the AfriCANthology project with editor Greg Frankson and contributors Dwayne Morgan and Andrea Thompson.

February 2022

Mike Ellis – The Robbie

The Robbie – The little tournament
that grew. Play some soccer. Do something for
others in your community. A winning combination
recognized as an outstanding volunteer-led organization. The Robbie International Soccer Tournament taking place in Scarborough since 1967. Dec. 202T

Anthony (Tony) Gebrehiwot and Lorraine D’silva.

“The journey of a Scarborough Artist” The presentation will explore how Tony
discovered his passion for art making and
building community in Scarborough. Lorraine is Intake/Outreach Coordinator of Connecting Women with Scarborough Services : “CWSS Addressing Gender-Based
in Scarborough Communities”

Dr.Craig Stephenson, Andrew Petrou and Dwayne DeRosario

“Empowering the Next Generation of Global Leaders
and Community Builders”

Centennial College has been a proud member of the Scarborough community since 1966. Learn more about Centennial’s pledge to serve our community both as an accessible and comprehensive world-class learning institution and as an anchor organization committed to supporting the needs of residents, the economy and Scarborough’s revitalization. Oct. 2021

Marta Keller-Hernandez from Mural Routes and Debra McGonegal

“Public Mural Art Projects in Scarborough – past, present and future.”

Mural projects produced in Scarborough this summer, the projects planned for 2022, and the organization’s efforts to preserve mural art digitally. Sept. 2021

Devin Scott from Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra

Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra. Devin Scott – Executive Director speaks on video production

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra has become one of Canada’s finest community orchestras since its founding in 1980. Its 2020/2021 season under pandemic conditions was unique, ambitious, and extraordinary. Sept. 2021

Social Policy expert John Stapleton and Esmond Lee

John Stapleton social policy expert on COVID-19 and the Scarborough experience: It’s not what you think!”

There is good evidence to show that higher COVID-19 numbers in Scarborough have more to do with how we live and work than all the other ways we explain hot and cold spots. August 2021.

Krystal Kavita Jagoo and Dr. Paul Caulford from The Canadian Centre of Refugee and Immigrant Healthcare

The opportunities that art has provided to pursue equity in more revolutionary ways than is encouraged in her field. July 2021

Lee Soda, from Agincourt Community Services Association

Lee Soda, Executive Director, Agincourt
Community Services Association speaks on “Helping Newcomers Thrive, Grow and Flourish.” We live in a Province/Country where immigrants and newcomers are welcomed and needed… It’s up to all of us to help newcomers thrive, grow and flourish.  June 2021

Gillian Mason from Gillian Mason Consultancy and Camesha Cox from The Reading Partnership

“Scarborough’s Major Public Institutions: Leveraging Their Full Value in post-COVID Economic Recovery.”

Learn about the significant opportunity that the presence of major Scarborough anchor institutions — the university, the hospital, and the Zoo — presents for local social and economic and renewal. May 2021

Derek Spooner

Derek Spooner, Executive Director – Scarborough Arts presents “Explore Scarborough Arts and hear how it facilitates and promotes innovative
arts programming and cultural initiatives
in our community.” 
May 2021

President of Friends of Guild Park John Mason and Dave Fenton from Find Dining.

John gives an overview of what makes Scarborough’s Guild Park special, how it was nearly “demolished by neglect” and the valuable lessons learned by community volunteers who are active in the site’s ongoing renewal. April 15 2021

Karen Stintz

Karen Stintz. President and CEO – Variety Village  speaks on  “Variety the Children’s Charity, continuing to lead the way to make sure more kids can play.” Variety the Children’s charity has been serving the community for over 70 years inclusive virtual programming so more kids with a disability can continue to play. April 292021

Omar McDadi from Rouge National Park and author/poet Stacey Ann Berry.

Omar McDadi,Superintendent  Rouge National Urban Park speaks on “How Rouge National Urban Park is Contributing to Community Renewal in Scarborough.”  Learn about work underway to establish Canada’s first national urban park and how this work is contributing to the renewal, revitalization and celebration of Scarborough ecosystems, communities and farmland.

April 1 2021

Chef Suman Roy and Lynda Kosowan

Chef Suman Roy  “Food Insecurity and the Future of Food Banks.” Ar conversation with Suman Roy, Chair of Scarborough Food Security Initiative (Feed Scarborough), on hunger, poverty and inequity in our communities, Highlight speaker Lynda Kosowan, Executive Director of Scarborough Women’s Centre will discuss International Women’s Day, explain the Centre’s work, including the impact of COVID19 on women in our community. March 2021

Elizabeth Buller

Elizabeth (Liz) Buller, President and CEO of Scarborough Health Network speaks on  “COVID and the Community.” March 4 2021

Dwayne Morgan and Andrew Arifuzzaman

“How Anchors Can Drive Economic and Social Changes in Communities.” 

Feb. 18 2021

Dolf DeJong , Toronto Zoo

Dolf DeJong . Executive Director Toronto Zoo. speaks about “COVID-19 and your Toronto Zoo-  The pandemic as an innovation accelerator.” Feb. 2021

Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy is President of Hardy Stevenson and Associates, a professional planner, executive director of The Institute for New Suburbanism , and author of Who Are These People and Why Are They Yelling At Me?  Jan. 2021

Mitchell Chen, Heela Omarkhail

Mitchell Cohen, President & CEO of The Daniels Corporation andHeela Omarkhail,
Vice President, Social Impact at The Daniels Corporation  “The Golden Mile Community Innovation District
– A New Approach to Development .”
June 2021