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Greetings, fellow Scarborough residents.


As you know, Scarborough’s voice was heard loud and proud by the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission, whose original recommendations would have been devastating for Scarborough, reducing Scarborough from six ridings to five and exiling parts of northwest Scarborough to North York.


The Commission’s revised proposal, following powerful and passionate advocacy by so many proud Scarborough residents, is better.  It recommends four ridings fully in Scarborough, one riding substantially in Scarborough, and one riding straddling Scarborough and North York.


The revised proposal was a big win for northwest Scarborough, but not for Scarborough Centre, which was fully within Scarborough in the Commission’s initial recommendations, but has been redrawn in the Commission’s latest report, so that only 55% of the riding is in Scarborough and 45% of the riding is in North York.  The new riding name is Scarborough Centre Don Valley East.


Since the Commission’s report was released, SCRO has been meeting with passionate residents of Scarborough Centre who are distressed by this change, which took place without community consultation.


No more community consultations are scheduled.  However, our MPs have an opportunity to file notices of objection to the Commission’s recommendations.  MP Salma Zahid will be doing so.


Please consider signing our online petition by this coming Wednesday, March 15.  SCRO will be sending the petition to the Commission on March 16.


Let’s have a strong show of support by Scarborough to roll back the changes being proposed for Scarborough Centre, so we can strengthen the Scarborough focus of this riding.


Scarborough is standing tall and proud.  Good things happen when we all work together for a better Scarborough.



Larry Whatmore


Scarborough Community Renewal Organization

(416) 562-2101